Negotiation Prep

Approach your next negotiation with clarity and confidence, and get what you want and need.

Negotiation doesn't have to be scary!

Does the mere thought of negotiation send you into a cold sweat?

Are you worried about how to effectively ask for what you want and need, or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with negotiation?

We’re here to help.  Let our experts support you so you can go to your next interview with clarity and confidence.

We’re here to support with expertise that focuses on:

  • Developing a clear ask
  • Creating a clear value proposition
  • Growing your relationship and trust with the other party
  • Knowing the unwritten “rules” of negotiation
  • Managing emotions during negotiation

How does it work?

  1. Choose your negotiation prep coach
  2. Book and pay for your session with our simple, secure online system. You’ll book a time that works for you with your preferred expert.  
  3. Come to the meeting

In your private meeting with the negotiation prep coach, you’ll workshop tricky areas, define a strategy and key areas of focus, and talk through areas of concern. 

After your session, your coach will send you notes and recommendations to work on.

What’s included?

Who is this service for?

We are proud to have served all types of veterinary professionals within the industry. 

The investment

Interview prep coaching session

$200 USD/150 GBP

Available globally.

Choose your Negotiation Prep Coach and Check out!

Dr. Adrian Nelson-Pratt

An experienced coach and negotiation advocate, Dr. Adrian Nelson-Pratt has helped veterinary professionals ask for and get what they want and need for over 7 years. He has a wide breadth of experience and is available for negotiation prep coaching!

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