Group Coaching

Learning in a safe group augments your ability to create change; learn more about the option that might be right for you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m really looking to come out of clinical practice and have NO IDEA how to find suitable jobs in my area using my skill set?? Is there a good starting point??”

“I work 5 days a week (with a few late evenings) with alternate Saturdays and OOHs. I love being a vet and I’m very passionate about what I do. I know that probably all sounds normal and I really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because I’m not that kind of person, but I’m beginning to feel quite stressed about work.”

“I really feel motivated for a change now, I just need to find the courage to do the first step and maybe a little plan to start with”

If yes, then join our programme. It’s for any veterinary professional- from graduate to retiree with a desire to take ownership of their career. Perhaps to reignite their passion and use their potential to develop a renewed sense of purpose in the profession. If this sounds like you, then we are here to help!

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What does group coaching entail?

We take an approach of “come as you are” and “start before you feel 100% ready”.  We know life is hectic and overwhelming, so encourage you to take a step towards a more sustainable career through group career coaching.  

Sessions take place every 2 weeks during the course for 1 hour each time.  Sessions are recorded so you can listen afterwards, but we encourage you to take part live, even if you’ve had a challenging day/week.  

You’ll also do a small amount of homework reflecting, or watching a video, or jotting down some notes.

We create a safe environment for you to learn and build connections with other professionals, with a program with a proven track record for success.

Our programs are lead by qualified professionals who have industry expertise and experience coaching people just like you to feel more satisfied in their veterinary careers.

How do I choose between Group or Individual coaching?

Individual coaching is your best choice if you can’t wait between group coaching cohorts, if you want to accelerate your results, and you prefer an individual approach.  We also recommend individual coaching to senior level professionals and leaders.


Group coaching is your best choice if you learn best in a group setting, you want an affordable option, or you want to learn and make connections with other people with similar goals. Creating a safe group setting is paramount to our success, and learning together with a group is a powerful experience!  


There’s no right or wrong answer; you know yourself best.  Feel free to explore and let us know if you have any questions.

When? How? Who?

We offer several cohorts of group coaching; spring, summer and fall.

We offer three programs through VSGD:

  1. Group career coaching for UK Professionals. Note that coaching times may also work for those in AUS/NZ.
  2. Conservation Careers Pathfinder Coaching Program
  3.  North American group coaching program

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Our Coaching Programs

Conservation Careers Group Career Coaching

Conservation and wildlife careers can seem like elusive endangered animals. They don’t have to be. We’e partnered with Conservation Careers to offer group coaching to land you your dream job in wildlife/conservation. Learn more.

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Changed jobs.  Got help.  Been blunt.

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