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Our qualified professionals have veterinary specific expertise to help you gain career clarity and satisfaction.

Why coaching?

Are you looking for some help to determine your next career move? Maybe you’re looking to see how to be more satisfied with the role you have right now.  Maybe you’re feeling burned out, and wanting to leave the profession all together.  

You’re not alone, and we’re here to help with trained, certified professionals.

Either way, coaching through VSGD’s qualified coaches is designed to help you successfully navigate your career.  We’re all veterinary professionals ourselves so we understand the unique challenges you have.

Coaching is an extremely effective tool to help determine the next steps, talk through career challenges, and work on understanding yourself more.  Coaching is becoming an essential part of progression as a professional in many fields, and for a good reason.  Marshall Goldsmith famously said, “What got you here won’t get you there.”  A qualified coach can help you develop the skills you need to move forward, get unstuck, sort out where you can bring your strengths right now, as well as work towards goals like boundaries and resilience skills.

Who is coaching for?

Our coaches have experience assisting all types of veterinary professional, from students to new grads, mid-career professionals, all the way to those transitioning to their next career at “retirement”.

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants, and students; these services are designed for you, delivered by people who know the challenges and opportunities you face as a professional in the veterinary industry.

How it works

  • Book in for a free no obligation virtual consult with one of our coaches to determine if coaching is right for you and check the “fit” of your coach with your goals.
  • Sign up for a coaching package through our secure, simple system.
  • Bring your whole self to the sessions and be prepared to work with your coach to achieve the goals you set out.

Note: Sessions are delivered virtually, typically via Zoom.

The investment

6 month engagement package


+ VAT for UK residents. Pay in your own currency at checkout

Meet Our coaches & book a call

VSGD CEO Melanie Barham

Dr. Melanie Barham

Experienced business and career change coaching, with expertise in startups, business culture and models, interview techniques, negotiation, and leadership. Book a call today to take action for your career.

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Need Something Different?

Coaching can be a powerful tool to retain and build your team’s culture and effectiveness.  In today’s market, many employers are investing in coaching for new or experienced graduates.  

We also frequently provide coaching to help employers improve their skillsets and stay energized and engaged in leading a team during challenging times.

We deliver affordable, custom fit solutions all the time to suit leaders, teams, clinics, and larger groups.  

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Workshops
  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Team strengths and individual assessments, with qualified professionals who can leverage tools to make your team more cohesive and know themselves better
  • Group and individual coaching with volume discounts.

How do you find out more?  Click below to get in touch!

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