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Posted: 08/02/2023


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Melanie Barham

VSGD Guide to Take a Professional Head Shot

Do you groan when you think of sending a photo and bio?

You’re not alone!  Sending a photo and bio, or uploading a photo to LinkedIn or our own job platform is a major reason people stumble on online networking.  

We’ve got you covered with this simple 6 step guide to help you take a nice professional photo on your own.  

Who should use this?

Well, originally, I wrote this guide to help fellow thrifty folks like myself.  I was at the time an early career professional with little cash.  

However, this guide has been downloaded hundreds of times by our community and been used by employers, students, veterinarians, RVTs, RVNs, and more.

Grab it now and never procrastinate about submitting a photo again.  

In short, don’t let the lack of a nice photo hold you up from doing cool things in your career.

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