Why You Need a Resume Even if You’re Not Looking

3 great reasons to update your resume/cv even if you’re NOT actively job seeking as a vet, vet nurse/vet tech or employer.

Posted: 27/11/2022

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Melanie Barham


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Don’t let a resume be a barrier for you

When did you last update your resume or CV? Is it collecting dust bunnies in your desk drawer, or on your old computer from 3 years ago? If so, you’re not alone! Most people hate creating their resumes and view it as a tiresome tedious task that’s best put off until necessary. I’m here to challenge that belief today. 

Here are the top reasons why people say they don’t need a resume/CV, and why you might want to change your mind: 

  1. I own my own business

So, if you’re a veterinary business owner, you might think you don’t need a resume at all. I mean, who are you applying to? But you’d be surprised at the number of times having a polished and updated resume can come in handy when applying for board positions, awards, or as a supporting document for bank loans etc. If you’re an entrepreneur, or someone looking for investors in your business, it can come in handy to offer to flip someone your amazing resume as a way to get to know someone quicker. 

  1. I mostly like my job

You might love your job, but sometimes amazing positions become available at the drop of a hat. Being prepared can allow you to take advantage of opportunities to progress in your career or take advantage of major pay increases without delay. You’d be surprised how many colleagues I’ve heard say, “Oh, I saw this amazing veterinary job on a Facebook group, but it was so much trouble to apply and update my resume.” Don’t let a resume be a barrier for you. Additionally, as a professional, you’ll want to continually add to your portfolio of experience, and applying to volunteer positions can be sped up with the addition of a resume. Finally, keeping your resume updated keeps track of your accomplishments for annual review time, making negotiation MUCH easier

  1. I haven’t seen a job I like yet

Don’t let last minute resume panic seep in. When a job you love pops up, you want to be at the ready to apply early. Applicants who apply early have a much better chance of success! Having something prepared also likely means less errors. The more passes through a document, the less likely we are to make silly grammatical errors.

If you’d like help with preparing for a job application, check out our Resume/CV review services here.  We have qualified veterinarians who are experts in crafting resumes that fit your needs, and all reviews include a LinkedIn audit and personal recommendations. Also check out our CV accelerator programme if self paced support is more your jam!

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