What to do if you DON’T land the job

We’ve all been there; here’s what to do if you don’t happen to land your dream veterinary job.

Posted: 27/11/2022

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Anyone who wasn’t selected for their dream job as a vet, vet nurse, vet tech, or student.


Melanie Barham


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Have you been through this? What advice would you have for others in this situation?

We’ve all been there; you apply for a job. You polish your resume and go through the interview, and maybe even start envisioning yourself in the role. And then you get the news that you didn’t get the job. Ouch.

First of all, let me say that everyone who is willing to admit it has been turned down for a job. Here’s some advice about what to do about it.

  •       Be gracious, even if you don’t feel like it. It never pays to be sour about a job you didn’t get. I generally suggest thanking the hiring committee or person for their time and consideration and wishing them the best. Even if you can’t muster any other goodwill.
  •       Take time to feel all the feelings and recoup. Rally your team of mentors and trusted people around you and be as angry, annoyed, sad as you like. It’s ok to feel these things. Professionally, you will likely not want to act on them at this phase, but all feelings are welcome in this stage.  Talking this through with a coach can be really helpful also. Hyperlink: https://vsgd.co/career-support/coaching/
  •       Objectively ask for feedback if you can. I’ve received some of the best feedback of my life from reaching out to the employer, someone on the hiring committee etc. after NOT getting a job. However, I will say that it is important to be sure you can listen humbly, and not get defensive or argumentative. Afterwards, it’s helpful to sit with the feedback, and decide which information you will take forward to modify your behaviour and which information you will leave behind. Not all advice is worth taking!
  •       Understand that sometimes it isn’t about you as a candidate, but the constraints and preferences of the employer. Sometimes you cannot change that. 
  •       Make a plan to change things that need to be changed, and move on. It can be helpful to write it down as well.
  •       Know that it will feel a bit hard to put yourself out there again. If you feel a bit gun shy about applying to your next job, don’t worry. This is pretty normal. If your confidence has taken a beating, you might want to get your resume reviewed or do some interview prep with a professional, or lean on your support network.

Have you been through this? What advice would you have for others in this situation? If you want to speak to someone about interview prep, your resume/CV, or career coaching, please contact us!

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