How to get into the right mindset to tackle your resume/CV

Transforming a dreaded task into an amazing one!

Posted: 27/11/2022

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Melanie Barham


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It is really helpful to have time set aside to revisit your resume/CV

Getting into the right mindset to tackle your resume/CV can be challenging.  As a veterinary professional, it doesn’t matter if you’re a student, veterinarian, vet nurse/vet tech, or experienced executive, few people LOVE updating their resume/CV. Self-promotion isn’t something most people love to do. However, having a great resume is key to landing an amazing job. So how do we get into a better mood and mindset to tackle this odious task? 

I’d suggest putting on some upbeat tunes and getting yourself some oxygen to the brain. Whatever your jam, get into a good mood to move forward. Exercising, or going on brisk walk by yourself can help to clear your head to sit down to work on representing yourself on a piece of paper. I’m not above talking to myself either; talking through some of my accomplishments is something I highly recommend in the car, or on a walk.

I also gather all my materials together, setting aside at least 1-2 hours to get this done. If you’re smart like some of my colleagues, you could consider creating a computer file, shoe box, file, or photo album of compliments, awards, nice emails etc that show all the times people have given you compliments. If you’re not that organized (like me of yesteryear), you’ll want to have a buddy who can jog your memory of the great things you’ve done. Call a supportive friend who can remind you of all the great things about yourself.

If you’ve got a specific job in mind, print the description or ad off, and underline some of the key words or skills they’re looking for.  Draw a map or chart on paper or a spreadsheet of times you’ve shown these critical skills so you can specifically highlight them.

Tackling the job an hour at a time is often best. It is really helpful to have time set aside to revisit your resume/CV to ensure you have the wording just right. Sometimes enlisting a professional or friend as your proof-reader is helpful. 

Above all, remember that while you’re meant to be honest and authentic, you really have to show that you can do the job. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to really let your strengths shine. If you don’t share them, no one will know they are there at the receiving end. Whatever you have to do to get in the type of mood where you feel like an absolute bada**, do it.

If you’d like help crafting your resume/CV, we can help.  From students to executives, we’ve helped all stages successfully land positions in their dream jobs- clinical and non-clinical, in the veterinary field.  Check out our services here.  If you’re not sure what direction you’re headed, you may want to explore career coaching.  Group coaching and individual coaching is available.

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