Was London Vet Show Your Career Development Springboard?

London Vet Show was super busy, so we’re offering you the same career development downloads we offered the folks that attended. Download Now!

Posted: 27/11/2023

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Was London Vet Show your career development springboard?

As the dust settles on another London Vet Show, did you make the most of it for career development purposes? Or was it a recruitment opportunity for you instead?

I’ve been going to LVS since the first event in 2009. In fact, I remember clearly arguing with the organisers about whether another show was needed, whether London was a good venue and whether delegates will travel. At the time I was Vet Affairs Manager for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, had a budget to manage and I wasn’t convinced. I’m definitely convinced now! 

The 2023 edition definitely fulfilled the brief. We’re clearly over the post covid blues and into new territory with the scale of the show. Over twenty streams of CPD to dive into, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of delegates. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it and I think there was a real buzz about the place that sends a message – we may have been in the doldrums for a while and whilst we still have problems to solve in the profession, there’s an energy and engagement I’ve not seen in years. I think that leads to a healthy situation for those in the career development space. 

Several observations lead me to that conclusion, aside from the obvious delegate throng. Firstly, the number of exhibitors was huge and it wasn’t just the usual companies. There were new entrants galore from across the globe. New products, technologies and services were everywhere, suggesting innovators and suppliers have confidence in the veterinary sector, investing in stands, promotions and giveaways. 

Secondly, the scale of the investments and efforts to engage with delegates. Did you see the size of the sweet dispenser stand, the circus stand or the proliferation of sponsorship? When companies are working that hard to engage with delegates, you know that you’re a valuable commodity, your influence carries weight and that having you onboard is critical in a highly competitive market. 

Finally, the breadth of content in the lecture streams. It’s expected that the RVC will deliver awesome clinical content, but to have multiple species, referral, career development, business, innovation and BVA Congress streams as well, speaks to the nature of a modern veterinary career. There’s no such thing as ‘just’ a vet or vet nurse anymore. 

Given all the action, did you take advantage of the show as a career development or recruitment opportunity? If not, don’t worry, VSGD has you covered. We know you had a fab show, were super busy and perhaps didn’t get time to visit the VSGD Basecamp. We also know that a fair number of you won’t have made the London pilgrimage. 

So it’s only fair we offer you the same career development downloads we offered the folks that attended. We’ve taken some of our most popular downloads and turned them into resources just for you. Each is intended to cover one element of veterinary recruitment or career development, whether you’re a candidate or a recruiter. Click this link to download them now.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Career Unstuck

We’ve taken a coaching approach and provided you with a mini workbook. By posing you questions, giving you space to doodle and then helping shape your answers through reflective exercises, the workbook is designed to get you thinking and create some action. It’s a great starting point and perhaps a first step towards our Group Career Coaching or Personal Coaching Programs, which you can check out on our website

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Headshots

Your photo is the first thing people see with your online presence. Whether it’s for Linkedin, social media or as an avatar for an application, it’s critical to make a great first impression. If you missed the chance to get a photo at the VSGD Basecamp during London Vet Show, then our guide gives you hints and tips that are simple to follow at home. All you need is a smartphone and a little time to follow the guide. Get snapping!

The New Grad’s Guide to Finding Your Ideal Workplace

When you’re a new grad, asking the question about how your ideal workplace looks can be difficult, especially if you’re younger with limited work experiences. It can be difficult to identify what’s important, so this guide contains prompts and questions that will help you find insights from previous workplaces, school and experiences and draw insights from your past. We’ve included green and red flags too – markers of things you want or don’t want in that first role. 

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Ideal Workplace

When you’re in career development mode, one of the key questions is what your ideal workplace looks like. It can be difficult to identify what’s important, so this guide contains prompts and questions that will help you think back to previous workplaces and experiences and draw insights from your past. 

The Smart Employer’s Guide to Making Job Ads Easy

We absolutely understand that writing a job advert can be daunting and time consuming. Hurdles such as finding the right way to show off your clinic’s key features, being camera shy or feeling uninspired can get in your way. And how do you achieve a standout advert amongst the masses? Our guide gives you a framework to use and plenty of hints and tips to ease the process. 

And if you’re still struggling, why not check out the VSGD Careers advertising platform? It brings web and social media together, adds unique live events and our team of copywriters to help you find your voice and write a breakout recruitment campaign. 

Download the free e-guides for career development and veterinary recruitment NOW! 

That’s London Vet Show wrapped for the year and hopefully your networking, contacts and follow up list will bear fruit in whatever step you take next in your career. We’re here to help throughout your career journey so if you need anything, drop us a line here. Make sure you ask the community in the Facebook Group and you never know where your vet passport might take you next. 

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