Cecilia Tat - Intern at the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE)


Posted: 20/02/2023


< £15k, It is an unpaid internship, and will need to be funded by oneself.


Train/underground to commute to the office for work, can work from home when necessary.


Independent learning, Communication & Teamwork



Essential Skills

Background in, or working towards an animal-related qualification, ideally veterinary medicine;or in disease-related qualification

Cecilia Tat

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The Academy of Medical Sciences – INSPIRE Program


During my veterinary studies, I was engrossed with One Health after my fourth year module on One Health and Epidemiology, and more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The concept of “One Health” recently became more prominent in the public eye as a result, which affected every aspect of our lives. Following this, I was involved in a research project about ‘SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in wildlife in the UK’ in the CORVIN project with the OHEJP (One Health European joint programme) in the summer after fourth year going into my final year of vet school. For my final year rotations, I elected for the ‘One Health’ elective which opened up an opportunity to attend a One Health Summer school in Uganda prior to my graduation.
Throughout my final two years of vet school, I had emailed to apply for the internship, and been in contact with the World Organisation for Animal Health’s office in Japan. And after a lot of correspondence, I started my internship after graduating as a veterinary surgeon with the World Organisation for Animal Health, Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific.
Currently, the best bit is enhancing my knowledge by ten-fold as to how international organisations work, what work they do and how they execute it. WOAH Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific typically communicates with a lot of individuals from countries in the region in arranging technical and capacity-building support. Being a part of these activities is fulfilling as it will further benefit more people in these countries. Another great point about being an intern here is to be able to have an opportunity to develop skills in other fields other than just in a certain field (i.e. One Health). For example, I am also picking up skills in communications as well as knowledge of international relations.

There are not many downsides at the moment! I would say sitting in an office is a little bit of a downside but the desks can move up and become a standing desk so that isn’t too much of an issue!
Throughout the week I am tasked by my mentor and other colleagues, if they require assistance, in assisting their projects/missions in different countries. I mainly have to help logistically if they are arranging an in-person or online activity/mission, help proofread official documents, and write articles/reports if necessary on their activities to be posted on the site. Occasionally there may be a conference to attend as a representative of WOAH, and in this case, I was able to attend one in Fukuoka which was kindly funded by the INSPIRE award.
Someone who is really interested in One Health and how it is operationalised, in international work, and in political/global relations.
Trying to get the visa, as well as sorting out funding to come here. I was gratefully funded by the Turing scheme as well as the INSPIRE award.
1. Get engrossed with One Health related activities (at university for example!)
2. Read up on One Health related issues/ literature
3. Be interested in the region you’ll be working in!

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