Amber Fielden - Sales Executive for Meetings & Events

RVN, Sales Executive for Meetings & Events at Aviator, Farnborough

Posted: 20/02/2023


£31-35k (starting salary for someone inexperienced)


Have to travel for every meeting once I have booked them. I am reimbursed for any travel.





Essential Skills

Previous customer facing role, Confidence & Time management skills

Amber Fielden

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I worked as a nursing assistant when I was 15 after school until I went to university to do my veterinary nursing degree. I absolutely fell in love with the veterinary profession and applied to university to do veterinary nursing.
After 8 years of being qualified, I decided I needed a new career, with a better salary and less stress. I applied for multiple jobs however I decided to do work experience at the hotel I work at, just to learn more about the events profession. A few months later, a job came up and I applied and got offered an interview as I was proactive in doing the work experience.
I had limited sales experience and no experience in coordinating events and meetings. There are some degrees and courses you can do to have a better chance of entering the profession but I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity.
I am now a sales executive for meetings and events at a hotel in Farnborough. This role is very sociable and I get to meet lots of people, as well as attend networking events and entertain new and current clients. I reach out to a lot of companies via email every day as well as event planning agencies. I arrange meetings to then introduce myself and the hotel, showcasing what we have to offer here.
Someone confident, charismatic and loves meeting new people.
Yes. I had no experience in this profession but using proactiveness and initiative landed me this role.
1. Work experience at a few places to get a feel for the profession
2. Look at the different roles within this profession as there are so many I’d never even heard of
3. Be confident – you can learn on the job to a certain degree
I knew that if I left the veterinary profession, I would really have to work hard to make it work. I have a mortgage and my own animals to look after, so I couldn’t fail – which was the reason I did the work experience first.

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