Bhanu Kaur - Clinical Case Manager, VetCT


Posted: 02/06/2023


36-40k (with overtime & Locum pay), 41 hours per week


I travel to the office once every few months, mainly for socials


Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Independence, Supportiveness


Remote working

Essential Skills

Veterinary experience/background
Organisational skills
Proficient communication skills


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I was pretty lost in life and found a patient care assistant (PCA) job with Medivet. I knew I always wanted to work with animals, I just never considered veterinary nursing because I did not know much about it. My PCA position kept me on my toes and gave me real insight into just how much RVNs do in practice, and I loved that there was always something new to learn, no matter how much experience you had. I was lucky enough to become an SVN within 8 months, then qualified as an RVN 3.5 years later. I haven’t looked back since, it’s set me up for life.

After being a HRVN throughout covid, I fancied a bit of a break from practice and was trying to find a work from home job. I came across a temporary role within VetCT and thought it was the perfect opportunity. Little did I know I’d fall in love with the company so much!

Veterinary experience, preferably with a professional qualification such as MRCVS/RVN or a veterinary radiographer

The best bit is that I get to chat with radiologists, specialists and colleagues from all over the globe. I have built strong friendships with people I have never even met before and I love that. I have never worked for a company with such an awesome culture, too. Everybody is so darn nice.
The downside would be that I do not get to see my colleagues everyday. It can be quite isolating.

A typical day would be ensuring XRs/CTs/MRIs/Fluoros are assigned to the correct radiologists and get back to the clients on time, troubleshooting cases, liaising with clients, triaging cases. Liaising with colleagues if a radiologist raises concern over image acquisition (if client needs further support/advice with protocols). And generally keeping radiologists/specialists happy 😊

A sociable, friendly, fast-paced & organised person who doesn’t shy away from anything IT/Tech related 😊

  1. Keep checking job bulletin boards for new roles with VetCT such as Indeed & LinkedIn
  2. Educate yourself on image acquisition

Give yourself enough time to get your head around all the different SOPs/workflows… there are A LOT!

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