How To Believe In That Little Idea You Have

How to summon your courage and believe in yourself. Top tips and inspiring community members.

Posted: 27/09/2023

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Melanie Barham


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How to believe in that "little" idea you have

Will you believe in yourself?  Will you say your idea out loud?

When I started writing about non-clinical careers in vet med, it was an idea I kept quiet in my head for a LONG time.  To be honest, I was so shy about the idea, about standing out or being a tall poppy that for a long time I just researched it, getting deep into articles about how to build a website and blog.  Imagine if I had never done anything?  I’d have missed out on a lot of cool things.

I see this time and time again, where people in our profession have a super idea they are afraid to say out loud, let alone bring it to reality.  Not even letting that idea ever be said aloud.

Down with that, friends.  

What a shame it would be to get to the end of your life, career, or year and have never ever taken a chance.  What waste os exceptional brain power- yours!

Since the days when I couldn’t even say that I wanted to share stories of non-clinical careers, I’ve gained a lot of confidence, a global community of colleagues, and so so much.  

I LOVE cheerleading people to bring their ideas to light; it brings me so much joy and energy, and I love hearing how people have summoned their courage and done something amazing with their idea.  Most of them, like me, have watched that tiny bit of courage grow into new avenues and opportunities they didn’t even know existed.  

As a recovering “hide your light under a bush” person who almost didn’t get up the courage to write that first blog, here’s a few top tips I can share if you’re feeling the same way.

  1. Write your idea down
  2. Share your idea with people who deserve to hear it
  3. Take 1 small first step, and then another
  4. Remind yourself of other times you’ve been brave and it’s been ok
  5. Write out the worst case scenario
  6. Watch Ted Lasso (not joking, I love this show)

If you’re looking for support as a leader or an individual, check out group career coaching in the UK and North America.  We’ve helped people like Emily Singler take her big idea from dream to reality. It makes change possible.  And we’ve got 10 cohorts of success to show it! 


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