Being you is exactly what vet med needs

Being you is exactly what veterinary medicine needs. What if you could show up authentically? What opportunities would it open up?

Posted: 26/04/2023

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Being you is exactly what vet med needs

 Maybe you’ve thought, “being me, or showing up with all of my values and nuances  is… impossible… not welcome…entitled…”

Maybe as an employer, you’ve thought,
“I don’t have time to even think about that. I’m running a business.”  or…
“That doesn’t sound professional.”

I hear you. I see all of those things.  I’ve felt them too (and still do).

But please….

Stop working so hard.  Stop trying to fit into a box that wasn’t made for you.

What is there room for when you DO show up as yourself and let your values shine through?  Maybe you’ll connect with the right workplace, the right candidates, the right clients.  Maybe you’ll inspire someone else.  

Showing up true to you isn’t free of angst, or reflection, or care for how others receive you. It also doesn’t mean barreling in and hurting people with your opinions. But it is a place of opportunity.

Every day, people in our communities show who they really are.  They’re professional, successful, un-entitled.  Here’s a few from this week alone.

A workplace who joined our “Beyond Buzzwords” workshop this week showed their values of giving to the community by listing all the charitable events they support on their website with photos and a timeline; it’s one of their most commented on pages by clients, and one of the things their staff loves the most.

Our founder, Ebony Escalona, recently posted about the support from Lord Sandy Trees and the impact it had in getting VSGD started in the early days.  Lord Tress was living his values of supporting the veterinary profession. Learn more about an amazing position available here working to advance vet med.

Cherice Roth from our author’s panel coming up this week  wrote a book entitled “What does a REAL doctor look like”? in one evening (yes really) so every kid could see someone like her as the definition of a doctor.

Brent Mayabb, Global Director at Royal Canin, posted about the work of the Banfield Foundation and a colleague we’ve featured before, Dr. Sara Ritzie.

How are you showing up?  I’d love to know what you’re up to, or who’s inspired you.  Hit reply and let me know.

And if you’re less that brave today, join our communities to explore your potential together.

PS. I fully recognize the amount of privilege afforded to those of us who can show up without fear of physical harm.  On behalf of those who cannot show up as fully themselves, please take the opportunity to keep pushing the boundary of being you to normalize what is acceptable for everyone.

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