Aldara Eiras Diaz DVM MRCVS DipECVIM-CA

Internal Medicine Consulant and Rotating Internship Director (Southfields Veterinary Specialists)

Posted: 10/05/2023


Av 40h week


Only to european congresses but not as part of my role


Compassion and problem solving


Specialist positions are available across multiple locations

Essential Skills

Veterinary degree
12 months rotating internship at an ECVIM approved referral centre
3 years Internal Medicine Residency at an ECVIM approved referral centre

Aldara Eiras Diaz

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After my graduation in Spain I performed a rotating internship at the Vet School (Santiago de Compostela) and decided that I wanted to pursue specialisation in Internal Medicine

After working alongside my university professors at the Vet School during my rotating internship decided I really enjoyed reading about Internal Medicine and decided I would like to specialise in that field

I decided to move to the UK because there are more opportunities to apply for a residency programme than in Spain. I worked in first opinion practice for 2 years while I was improving my language and clinical skills, and in the meantime I started a Internal Medicine certificate at Liverpool University. I then completed a rotating internship at a private referral hospital, after which I obtained an internal medicine residency in a different private referral hospital. After my residency I started working at Southfields and alongside my clinical work I started to coordinate the rotating internship programme here. I passed my certifying exam and became a diplomate in 2022.

Being able to work on the area of small animal medicine I like the most, with interesting cases every day. I also love to teach and supervise interns and residents and help coordinate the internship programme

We start clinical rounds at 9am and after that we see consults and supervise clinical cases of residents and interns. In the afternoon, we perform the workups and procedures from the hospitalised patients. We do rounds at 5pm in the evenings

A person that is passionate about improving their knowledge and skills in a certain area of veterinary medicine, and that would be committed to give that knowledge back to the veterinary profession by training and teaching of interns, residents and the veterinary community.

I had to get use to the way of working in clinical practice and referral hospitals in the UK, and to keep improving my internal medicine knowledge and language skills.

  1. Acquire some experience in first opinion (at least 1 year)
  2. Attend CPD, consider starting a certificate, visit referral hospitals
  3. Apply for a rotating internship
  1. Study a lot and visit referral hospitals to get to know specialists working on your are of interest
  2. Think hard about where you want to pursue your training and why
  3. Don’t give up applying for internships/residencies if you are committed to this career path

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