Acing the Online Interview

Interviews are intense at the best of times. Is an online interview better or worse than in-person? How do you navigate it? Better yet, how do you ace it?

Posted: 19/03/2024

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Acing the Online Interview

Interviews are intense at the best of times. Is an online interview better or worse than in-person? How do you navigate it? Better yet, how do you ace it?

Here are some easy tips to be memorable in a good way to the interview panel:

Show Up Early and Check Your Tech
If something can go wrong, it will. Show up early and double-check everything. Join the link early and check your audio. Sometimes having headphones is helpful, or keeping them handy in case an interview panelist is very quiet or hard to understand.

Use the Post-It Method
The bonus of interviewing virtually is that you can bring your notes.. As long as it isn’t obvious. Use Post-It Notes mounted around your screen with examples of common questions. (e.g., conflict example→ clinic meeting that went south). You can also pin up key points about yourself and your values. Even a prompt to remind yourself: “Breathe, slow down. Be clear.”

Three Paragraph Essay
Remember that it’s challenging to be the interviewer. Before answering, think about gathering your thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with pausing for air and thought. Come up with your answer in a similar way to a three-paragraph essay (like high school English class). You want to provide an intro with a specific example, then go into explaining the situation or your experience, and sum it up with what happened or the result, concluding the question.

Be a Bit “Extra” with Your Body Language
Remember that the interviewers have less opportunity to gather data from you about how you interact with others. Being clear with your body language helps to build rapport. Making a point of smiling throughout as you’re giving answers, maintaining eye contact, keeping your shoulders down and back, and taking time to breathe and think are all important, but making an extra effort to demonstrate these non-verbal cues can make a huge difference.

Treat Your Interview Like a Movie Set
To position yourself as an ideal candidate, you’ll need to reduce distractions. This means of course shutting your pets and kids in a different room of the house, and finding a quiet place with high-quality internet to join the meeting. It also means ensuring a blank background or uncluttered background. Consider placing a lamp or light behind your computer screen for better lighting of your face and facial expressions; remember it is harder on Zoom to read facial expressions. Elevate your laptop or camera so your camera is at eye level to avoid the dreaded “nostril” view.

Bring a Note Pad
Use your notepad to write down keywords from the questions and notify the interviewer that you’re taking notes. “I just want to flag for you that I’m going to take notes so if I look away it’s so I can make sure I get all the key points down and can answer effectively.”

Now, take a deep breath, be your fantastic self and go ace that interview!

If you need some help with your prep, check out our Interview Minie Course or our 1:1 Interview Prep coaching sessions below, we are here to help. 

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