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Employer Testimonials

Lanes Farm Vets
Lanes Farm VetsUK, Clinical Farm Vet Practice
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"We successfully found a suitable candidate through VSGD who, to our delight, has accepted our offer of an export vet position. The process was straightforward and we received several applications which was a relief in the current climate."
Janet Horsfield, Director and Farm Vet
Animal Plant Health Agency
Animal Plant Health AgencyUK, Government
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"‘Interview with the Boss’ is an excellent means to engage with potential APHA vets of the future. The VSGD team developed crisp and engaging adverts and supported us with various initiatives and ideas to gain improved exposure.
I would happily recommend our partners at Vets Stay Go Diversify and we will certainly be targeting further support in the future."
Sion Rowlands, Veterinary Head of Careers and Education
University of Edinburgh
University of EdinburghUK, Teaching, Academia & Research
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"Due to the strength of candidates, rather than hire one farm vet, we hired two!"
Dr. Paul Wood
University of Liverpool
University of LiverpoolUK, Teaching, Academia
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"So happy with the services! We have had multiple people contacting us about the roles and applying, and in general a much higher level of interest [than other methods]."

Dr. Jenny Bowen-Smith, Senior Vet/Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Vets 1 Group
Vets 1 GroupUK,
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"The level of care has been outstanding."

Dr. Simon Power, Vets 1 Group

Wow! You listened really well to us and created a job ad that really stands out!"

VSGD Client

Coaching and Resume Review Clients

Dr. Tracy Johnson
Dr. Tracy JohnsonUS, Resume Review Client
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"I needed to get my resume to be more professional for a job that wasn't in general practice. Dr. Melanie delivered exactly what I was looking for in a very timely manner. I can't thank her enough."

Dr. Tracy Johnson, Resume review client
Dr. C
Dr. CUS, Resume Review Client
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"Thanks to Dr. Koehl, I have a high-quality resume and cover letter, in addition to the confidence needed for my upcoming job search. Dr. Koehl was a fantastic resource - she was thorough, experienced, efficient, and approachable throughout the entire process. I cannot thank Dr. Koehl enough! And I HIGHLY recommend this service to my friends and colleagues."

Dr. C, US Resume review client
D.r Jenna Donaldson
D.r Jenna DonaldsonOwner, Founder, Trillium Equine, Canada
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“I reached out to Dr. Melanie Barham because I had a desire to improve the quality of life of equine vets in my area. I had come up with a concept for a novel business model but had no idea where to go from there.
Her skills and experience in business management and the veterinary industry made her the perfect coach to help me move from idea to implementation. Through our sessions, Melanie guided me through developing a lean business canvas, a cash flow projection, and plans to market to potential employees and clients. I most appreciated the clear and logical "next steps" she helped me develop which allowed me to move forward in a structured way between our sessions. Her input has been absolutely critical to my success so far - I would not have been able to launch my business without her support along the way!
I would definitely recommend Dr. Barham as a business coach to anyone looking to get a new idea off the ground.”
Dr. Jenna Donaldson, Founder Trillium Equine, Business coaching client
Meg Krueger
Meg KruegerOwner, Pepperfox Marketing, Canada
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“Our consultancy specializes in equine industry growth strategy.
We started working with a client in the equine veterinary niche, so we needed someone with very specialized skills to support their business goals.
As soon as we started working with Melanie, I knew we were in great hands. Melanie is knowledgeable, engaging and personable.
Our clients loved working with her and she is a true professional. Working with Melanie enabled us to deliver impactful and relevant content for our client and build more clients from the sector into our portfolio. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing our work with her for many years to come!”

Meg Krueger, Owner Pepperfox Marketing, Canada/US, Business, consultancy client
Dr. Stephanie
Dr. StephanieUK, Group career coach client
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“I'm feeling so much more positive and like I have a sense of direction!

I was feeling a bit stuck with career progress and working out what to do next and am very grateful to be getting back on track.”

Dr. Stephanie, UK, Group career coaching client
Dr. D
Dr. DUK, Group career coaching client, Veterinarian
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"Group career coaching helped me shift to using a different part of my brain and start to think about the hard stuff and the nitty gritty rather than just superficially looking for another career.
It really dug deeper to try to figure out what makes us tick to help figure out what we will be happy doing. It helped open my eyes a bit more and dust off the cobwebs of who I really am at my core and outside of vet med."

Dr. D, UK, Group career coaching client
Dr. Robyn Thompson
Dr. Robyn ThompsonGroup career coaching client, Practice owner
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On group career coaching: "A great program for guided self discovery and growth as a person and a leader. Thank you so much for the opportunity to become a better version of myself!"

Dr. Robyn Thompson, Clinic owner, Canada, Group career coaching client
AlisaUK, Group career coaching g client
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"I wanted to say thank you for the career coaching this year. It was an awesome experience.

I found it challenging and totally surprising, as it has kickstarted a personal journey back to my roots by helping me focus on myself and not my career. Kind of the opposite of what I expected to be honest!"

Dr. Bronwyn, Specialist, Group career coaching client
Dr. Bronwyn
Dr. BronwynSpecialist | Group career coaching client
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""...I would highly recommend the group career coaching program for anyone considering a shift in the focus of their veterinary career."

I am very grateful that I had access to VSGD’s guidance and resources.
Dr. Rachel Bowron, UK